Why Organize A Union At Your Workplace?

Why Organize A Union At Your Workplace?

You and you co-workers deserve respect, dignity and a voice on the job. With a union you have a real voice at work. You will be protected against unfair treatment, harassment and discrimination. Through collective bargaining you will be able to negotiate improvements in wages, benefits and working conditions. Statistics show that unionized workers have better access to benefits like pensions and extended medical benefits and unionized workplaces are more likely to be safer and healthier places to work.

The Unifor advantage

Unifor is one of Canada’s largest and most diversified unions and has a record of providing first-rate service to its members. We have helped negotiate some of the best union contracts in Canada. With over 300,000 members, working in almost every sector and occupation, Unifor has the financial and human resources to get the job done. With Unifor you are never alone in dealing with your employer. You have the collective support and strength of all Unifor members behind you.

Joining Unifor means you control your own destiny.

  • You decide what you need to have in your contract
  • You elect your own leadership from among your co-workers
  • You run your own local union including setting your own local union dues
  • You participate in running the national union through secret ballot elections and democratic conventions every two years

Unifor is a proudly Canadian union.
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