Unifor Local 591G Bylaws

Unifor Local 591G Bylaws

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CEP (Now Unifor) Local 591G Bylaws as amended March 7, 2010:


(a) Members receiving a copy of these By-laws, shall read them attentively, as they will not be allowed to plead ignorance should they act contrary to them.

(b) The Constitution and Laws of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada shall be the final authority on anything not covered by these By-Laws,


The merger of the Graphic Communications International Union, Locals 211 and 28B Toronto, 500M Ontario and TTU 91-O, is part of a continuing trend toward the formation of one Union in the Graphic Arts Industry and is predicated upon the long recognized need of those who work in our Industry for the establishment of a united force, free from divisive conflict, to accomplish the organization of all workers within its authority, to advance the economic and other interests of all members, to safeguard, enhance and insure their job security, to enlarge upon their job opportunities, to fight for equal pay for work done, to remove the differential between men’s and women’s wages and to provide in every respect their continuing full share of reward in the growth and expansion of the Graphic Arts Industry to which they contribute so substantially in the commitment of their working lives.

The Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada, Local 591G, CLC, shall seek, in unity and with all of the resources at its command, to realize the highest aspirations of its members as workers and citizens. It deems such realization to be their right and it shall protect that right against all threats of impairment from any source.

Like the National, under which it holds its charter, this Local is dedicated to the discharge of its responsibilities and the achievement with democratic principles, processes and traditions which it has inherited and which are embodied in these By-Laws and in the Constitution and Laws of the National.


A. The merged Locals dated October 1st, 2005, shall be deemed for all purposes to be a combination and continuation of Locals 211 (formerly Locals 12L and 35P), 28B, 542, 500M, TTU 91-O, and CEP Local 91-O, to create 591G. Neither of the merging organizations shall be deemed for any purpose to be dissolved, terminated or discontinued, but upon the effective date of the merger, they shall be combined and continue as a single organization to be governed by the By-Laws of the merged organization, which when adopted shall be an amendment to and substitute for the separate By-Laws of Locals 211, 28B, 500M and 91-O.

B. The merger of Locals 500 and 91-O into a single organization shall not affect, interrupt or change in any way the continuing status or the rights or duties of any of the above named Locals in respect to other persons, and further, shall not impair the status of either in any action or proceeding or any right, title or interest in any property arising from any deeds, bonds, securities, leases or contracts of any kind or the continuity thereof.

C. The merger shall not impair or otherwise affect any federal or provincial certifications or any rights or obligations of any of the above named Locals under any Collective Bargaining Agreements or check-off authorizations, but all rights, privileges, duties and responsibilities vested in either, pursuant to such certifications or contracts, are to be deemed as vested in the merged Local.

D. For the purposes of continuity of service of officers, representatives, or other employees under any applicable pension, insurance or other benefit plans applicable to them, or to become applicable to them, the service of such persons with the merging Locals shall not be impaired by virtue of the merger, but shall be credited to them as accrued service in the merged Local.

E. For the purposes of continuity and record of membership, prior membership in Locals 12L, 35P, 211, 542, 28B, 500M, 91-O, 819 and Local 591G, shall be deemed to be the prior record of membership in the merged Local.

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