NDP Leadership 2012

NDP Leadership 2012


LeadershipOn March 24th, 2012 New Democrats will help elect a new leader of our party. This leadership convention is vital not just to the party but also to the labour movement. Labour needs a strong New Democratic Party and we need a leader of that party that understands and supports unions.

The labour movement is under attack by the Harper Conservatives. The CUPW lookout, the Air Canada strike and government actions to prevent free collective bargaining, Bill 317/377 to curtail trade union political action using tax legislation) make it clear that the Harper government is intent on weakening union power in Canada. We need a new leader of the NDP to stand up to Harper on behalf of working people and the trade union movement.

CEP has been an active supporter of the NDP since our founding convention.  Our involvement and influence within the party is a source of strength for CEP.  Jack Layton was a great friend and supporter of CEP members on the job and in their communities.  We must ensure that the next leader is also someone that we can count on.

Our union’s participation in this leadership contest depends on the commitment of individual CEP members who support the NDP.  Each CEP member who is also an NDP member has a vote for leader.  That is why it is important for CEP members that support the NDP to join the party now so that your vote for leader will count.