First Collective Agreement For Cep Members At SC 360 Markham

First Collective Agreement For Cep Members At SC 360 Markham

Congratulations to CEP members employed at SC 360 Markham who strongly endorsed their first collective agreement on Thursday July 5, 2012.

The two year collective agreement will come into effect on July 8, 2012 and run until July 7, 2014. Negotiations had been ongoing since the bargaining unit was certified by the Canada Industrial Relations Board in December 2010. Ratification votes were conducted in Barrie and Markham and were well attended. Highlights of the settlements included an immediate two percent increase in piece rate codes and a new daily minimum program implemented immediately with a 2 percent increase on July 8, 2013.

In addition, employees will benefit from increased job security due to contract language covering seniority, job posting provisions, layoff and recall rights, limitations on contracting out, just cause protection and a grievance procedure to challenge unfair policies or discipline.

The collective agreement also defines and protects union members’ health benefits and an RRSP Retirement Plan. A long-standing and contentious Performance Program which included $40 charge-backs for non-compliant piece-work was reduced to $25 with no charge-backs issued until after a review process has been completed in the event an employee wishes to dispute the decision. SC 360 Markham is the first of six newly organized bargaining units for Cable Technicians performing work under contract to Rogers Communications to amicably conclude a collective agreement. The union is looking forward to establishing a constructive and harmonious relationship with the Company.

Five other bargaining units remain without a first collective agreement. Two of the five have taken strike action to press their demands for a contract.