Awards show the value of Canadian auto plants

Awards show the value of Canadian auto plants

Two J.D. Power Awards handed to the General Motors CAMI plant in Ingersoll, Ontario, show the importance of quality, productivity, and inclusiveness as essential inputs to the auto industry, Unifor National President Jerry Dias says. “Nothing in this fine facility would happen, without the work, the dedication, the skill, and the sweat of the members of this local union,” Dias said in a ceremony at the plant August 26.

“Thank you, Local 88, for proving, once again, that Canadians build the highest-quality vehicles in the world.”

Dias said there is good reason why the list of J.D. Power award-winning vehicles includes so many that are made in Canada.

“Here in Canada we have paid attention to things that sometimes get lost, in this great race to the bottom called the global economy,” he said.

“We know you can’t build great vehicles without a workforce that is engaged. That is respected. That has input. That is healthy. That can support their families, with some degree of security. A workforce that is treated like human beings, not a just-in-time input cost to be minimized.”

Dias thanked Local 88 President Dan Borthwick and Unit Chair Mike Van Boekel for their leadership of the local.

The J.D. Power Initial handed out August 26 included the Quality Silver Plant Award, ranking CAMI second in all of North and South America for vehicle production quality. The GMC Terrain also won the compact SUV segment, with the Chevrolet Equinox placing second. Both are assembled at CAMI.