Services: General Services

Services represent the second largest classification of Unifor members, just behind manufacturing. This increasingly diverse sector includes Unifor members represented in specific sub-sectors, like retail and wholesale, hospitality and public services (like health care and education). Unifor also represents members who are employed in a […]

Services: Hospitality & Gaming

Unifor represents 15,000 members working in the diverse hospitality and gaming sector. Our membership is divided into three broad categories. One-third works in hotels – including major chains (like Fairmont, Radisson and Delta) and stand-alone facilities. Another third works in the gaming industry at casinos, […]

Manufacturing: General Manufacturing

Close to 100,000 Unifor members work in the manufacturing sector, representing about one-third of the union’s membership base. Most are assigned to specific sub-sectors (such as auto, aerospace, shipbuilding, etc.) but a large number work in a wide range of other manufacturing operations, including food […]

Transportation: Marine

Unifor represents 1,500 members in this fascinating, diverse, but often-overlooked segment of our overall transportation system. Canada is a major coastal power, yet governments have consistently underinvested in our marine transportation infrastructure. Important groups of Unifor members in marine transportation include public ferry services (such […]

Communications: Media

Unifor represents over 30,000 members in the media sector, working in newspaper, broadcast, film, printing and graphical industries – a tight-knit community of workers within the larger labor movement. Unifor members work as reporters, sell advertising, answer phones, write columns, handle cameras, edit stories, anchor […]

Communications: Telecommunications

Unifor is Canada’s largest union for telecommunications workers, representing 30,000 members across the country, in both the private and public sectors. Technological advances in the telecommunications sector have led to expansion into new services by traditional carriers. Unifor members work as telephone, cable and internet […]

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