Services: General Services

Services represent the second largest classification of Unifor members, just behind manufacturing. This increasingly diverse sector includes Unifor members represented in specific sub-sectors, like retail and wholesale, hospitality and public services (like health care and education). Unifor also represents members who are employed in a […]

Services: Hospitality & Gaming

Unifor represents 15,000 members working in the diverse hospitality and gaming sector. Our membership is divided into three broad categories. One-third works in hotels – including major chains (like Fairmont, Radisson and Delta) and stand-alone facilities. Another third works in the gaming industry at casinos, […]

Services: Retail

Unifor represents more than 20,000 members in the Canadian retail and wholesale sectors of the economy, including associated retail warehousing and logistics operations. The majority of Unifor members in this sector work for one of the three largest supermarket chains in Canada including Metro, Sobeys […]

Services: Healthcare

The health care sector is one of the largest single membership categories in Unifor, with over 26,000 members. This includes a strong concentration of workers in long term care facilities – some of which are publicly owned, but many of which are controlled by private […]

Services: Education

Unifor represents more than 4,000 members working in the Canadian education sector. Most are employed by universities in a range of functions, including support staff, research and maintenance jobs. Others work for elementary and secondary school districts in Ontario and Alberta. Education is one of […]

Manufacturing: Shipbuilding

Unifor represents about 1,000 members in the shipbuilding industry. Membership numbers fluctuate depending on economic conditions and major contracts. Fortunately, the future looks bright for the industry thanks to the federal government’s National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy.

Manufacturing: Speciality Vehicles

Nearly 5,000 Unifor members manufacture heavy trucks, buses, railway and transit equipment and other specialized transportation equipment and machinery. These sectors contribute to an important, and often underappreciated, segment of Canada’s manufacturing base.

Manufacturing: Aerospace

Unifor has a strong presence in this important Canadian manufacturing industry. The union represents nearly 10,000 members currently employed in major aircraft assembly facilities as well as a range of smaller component and specialized firms.

Manufacturing: General Manufacturing

Close to 100,000 Unifor members work in the manufacturing sector, representing about one-third of the union’s membership base. Most are assigned to specific sub-sectors (such as auto, aerospace, shipbuilding, etc.) but a large number work in a wide range of other manufacturing operations, including food […]

Manufacturing: Auto

Unifor is the primary union and lead voice for auto workers in Canada. The union represents 23,500 members, working at the various facilities of General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford. Most of these members work in one of five major auto assembly plants in Windsor, Oshawa, […]

Resources: Construction

Unifor represents more than 1500 construction workers, all of whom work in projects in Western Canada. Unifor enjoys a partnership with FTQ-Construction through its Canadian Construction Unions of Canada sector council, which recruits unemployed Quebec construction workers on Unifor projects in Western Canada.

Resources: Fisheries

Unifor represents people working in the fisheries on both the East and the West coasts, and on Lake Erie. Given the uncertain, seasonal nature of the industry, membership numbers can fluctuate dramatically, depending on the flow of work. Unifor also represents members working in fish […]

Resources: Mining & Smelting

Unifor represents over 6,000 members working in mining and smelting. The sector includes non-petroleum mining, such as potash, as well as aluminum and non-ferrous smelting operations. Today, half of Unifor members in the sector work in Québec and B.C. for the global giant Rio Tinto. […]

Resources: Energy

Unifor is Canada’s largest oil, gas and chemical sector union, representing over 40,000 members in nearly every province, from offshore platforms off Newfoundland’s outer banks to Suncor in Alberta’s oil sands; from energy crown corporations in Saskatchewan to private refineries in every region of Canada.

Resources: Forestry

With more than 21,000 members, workers in the forestry sector workers make up one of the largest membership categories of Unifor. The forestry sector includes workers in sawmills, OSB plants, panel board plants, pulp and paper mills, packaging, logging and silviculture.

Transportation: Marine

Unifor represents 1,500 members in this fascinating, diverse, but often-overlooked segment of our overall transportation system. Canada is a major coastal power, yet governments have consistently underinvested in our marine transportation infrastructure. Important groups of Unifor members in marine transportation include public ferry services (such […]

Transportation: Rail

Rail transportation is an important part of Unifor’s membership base. Today there are over 9,000 Unifor members working on the railways. The bulk of Unifor railway members are found at CN Rail, the VIA Rail passenger service and Canadian Pacific. Hundreds of members also work […]

Transporatation: Air

Unifor represents 11,600 members in the air transportation sector. About half work for airlines (like Air Canada, Jazz, and a few smaller carriers). The other half are employed in support services to the airline industry. The most important of these are the nearly 3000 Unifor […]

Transportation: Road

Road transportation is one of Unifor’s largest sectors with over 18,000 members employed as bus drivers, in private trucking, shipping, waste and recycling, logistics as well as taxi drivers and dispatchers and couriers, among others. The largest group there is over 4,000 members who work […]

Communications: Media

Unifor represents over 30,000 members in the media sector, working in newspaper, broadcast, film, printing and graphical industries – a tight-knit community of workers within the larger labor movement. Unifor members work as reporters, sell advertising, answer phones, write columns, handle cameras, edit stories, anchor […]

Communications: Telecommunications

Unifor is Canada’s largest union for telecommunications workers, representing 30,000 members across the country, in both the private and public sectors. Technological advances in the telecommunications sector have led to expansion into new services by traditional carriers. Unifor members work as telephone, cable and internet […]

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